Bricklaying & Plastering

We offer Brick Laying and Plastering Course which is designed for students who want to become professional masons or bricklayers. The course teaches students on the fundamentals of how to use bricklaying tools and equipment, how to set out basic building work, how to build simple brick/block walls, how to build solid walls, how to build using modern construction methods and plastering.

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Carpentry & Joinery

We offer Carpentry and Joinery Course which is designed for students to learn how to work with wood and become professional carpenters and joiners, as they are taught the skills which enable them to build wooden structures such as floors, roofs, doors and stairs.

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Diesel Mechanic

We offer a Diesel Mechanic Course which focuses on working with engines that power the transportation, construction, farming and other industries. The course teaches students the fundamentals of mechanics focusing on diesel engine systems, diagnostic techniques, diesel trade and technical knowledge and diesel engine operations.

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Electrical General

We offer Electrical General Course which provides students with the skills required to start their career as an Electrician. The course offers an in-depth look at electrical fundamentals, including AC theory, DC theory and three-phase electricity basics, as well as giving students practical hands on as approach to general electrical components installation.

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Heavy Plant Operations

We offer Heavy Plant Operators course which aims to teach students operate heavy machines. Skills of heavy plant operators are need by industry, especially in the roads, logistics and mining. Heavy plant include: Cranes, Excavator, Backhoe, Graders, Forklifts, Compact rollers, Track shovel, Wide load and Wide Range of Large Construction Vehicles.

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Office Administration

The studies of set of day-to-day activities related to financial planning, record keeping & billing, personnel, physical distribution and logistic within an organization.

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Plumbing & Pipefitting

Introduce & equip trainees with knowledge on the different methods of supplying water to buildings using different types of pipes & fitting, and else the installation of drainage systems and sanitary fixtures.

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Water Care

Introduces Trainees to water purification and gain knowledge on why, how, when, why we need clean water and diseases caused by water or waste sewage.

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